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NOTE: This game contains adult themes that involve bondage, tickling, and sexual themes! It's not for everyone!

For this one, Tickle-lovers Brandon and Cissy play as two unremarkable peasants without fighting nor magic, and they must survive and outwit the 8 Tickle Lords who rule the lands. Many adventurers (like the ones you see in the poster...) have failed, but will the unlikely duo be successful?

What to expect in this game?

Game Promo Ciri Final By Pabu Luz Defl2f71. 40,000+ words that tell the story of ticklish terror! Written by myself and the very talented Quillsman.

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2. 50+ Tickles scenes with plenty of both /f and /m!

Here's a slightly outdated version of the Replay Centre for the end of the game! You can see that this is easily one of my games with the most tickle scenes! I know the previous episode was lacking in /m content, so there's also a lot more of it this time around for variety! And as you can see from the Replay Centre, there are many Easter eggs and homages to be found.

3. Multi-Choice Scenes with the Main Antagonists

As usual, this game will contain full meaningful multiple choices in the tickle scenes, but only the scenes with the main antagonists, the 8 Tickle Lords, who rule the 4 regions in the games (that you can approach in any order) of the spooky Northern Forests, the sultry Eastern Forests, the carnival-like Southern Oasis, and broken Southern Ruins.

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4. Diverse Regions: Each region is perhaps the deepest and densest map that I've every created. Honestly, some of them feel like they could be episodes all by themselves! Expect a ton of content, multiple endings, and loads of tickles, as you can see :D

5. Many Game Over Scenes:  Brandon and Cissy are pretty much powerless in this one, so I suggest you save often! There's quite a few game over scenes to be found in this one as they go stumbling into traps ;)

6. A Replay Centre, allowing you to enjoy all the scenes in the game at your leisure.

7. This game is part of my series 'The To-Tickle List', but it's a stand-alone game, so no prior knowledge is needed. 

This game is available directly on itch.io for those who might prefer to pay directly as well as on Patreon, where you can also download the other games in the series at a reduced price. https://www.patreon.com/oneortheother

You can find more information about the previous games here, including several that are available in their entirety for free:


Your support would mean a lot to me and help me continuing making passion projects like these games for you guys, so thanks for all your support <3


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