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NOTE: This game contains adult themes that involve bondage, tickling, and sexual themes! It's not for everyone! 

Welcome to the Wild Seas -- a most aptly named place. Rich in fortune and rich in danger, six dangerous factions vie for control of this tempestuous and bountiful region... One thing is sure as sunrise -- tickle torture is ubiquitous in these untamed waters. Sail carefully, matey.

What to expect in this game? 

1. 75,000+ words of prose about a bold Captain who rises from nothing to rule the tumultuous Wild Seas, rife with skullduggery, swashbuckling, and so much tickling! With the help of your faithful crew, you will achieve much and more... The tickle-filled campaign will take around 4-5 hours to complete. 

2. An open-world to explore with six different factions with their own questlines that you can engage with in any order. In addition, there are several side quests and side objectives. The factions:

The Chimeras are a menagerie of beastlings, halflings, mutants, and other outlandish creatures. Feral, cunning, brutal, intelligent... No one is entirely sure, and it all depends on who is leading the pack on this particular day, though it tends to be the one known as the Black Tommi these days. The one thing for certain is their fondness for tickling for dominance and humiliation within the pack, as well as their unfortunate enemies.

The Merchant Syndicate likes to present itself as the lawful, responsible peacekeepers of the realm... which might be more convincing if they weren’t known to be smugglers, usurers, and extortionists. Don’t let the white uniforms mislead you, they are as dirty as they come. They are known to use tickle torture to persuade competitors to work with them and interrogate innovators to find out business secrets. They also sell especially ticklish debtors to the Howling Circus. They’ve been led for the past decade by the shrewd Lady Penelope Baelish.

The Howling Circus are a motley collection of outcasts, oddballs, charlatans, and swindlers. Their colourful ships and cheerful attire may give the impression of a harmless group, but beneath the smiles and shows, they are cut-throat exhibitionists that love to make a spectacle of their pillaging, looting, and raiding. They run a small town where their captured slaves can be tickled and sold by any with coin, in addition to other forms of hedonistic entertainment. They are led by an untrusting Lion Tamer known as Mistress Mabel.

The Cursed are the doomed, the damned, and the daring... They are a collection of explorers, treasure hunters, and historians who are united in their drive for magical artefacts and finding the secrets of the Wild Seas. Their encounters with hexed, jinxed trinkets has left almost all of them with haunted appearances and sometimes unusual powers. Leading them in their quest to find the legendary Idol of Mad Mirth is Captain Mira, a persistent and cunning navigator.

The Maiden’s Inquisition are an army of masked zealots seeking to purge the world of evil and heresy. They use Maiden’s Fire, which is a divine inferno that tickles, itches, and sizzles non-believers in equal measure, until they become compliant and accepting of true faith and join their ranks. Chastity, orgasm denial, and strict edging is all part of their creed. The inquisition despise the ‘bestial’ Chimeras, the ‘barbaric’ Nordlings’, the ‘profligate’ Circus, and the ‘blasphemous’ Cursed. They are led by High Inquisitor Teresa, whose embrace of unorthordox doctrine almost led to a schism within the group.

The Nordlings call themselves the true sons and daughters of the sea, the ultimate warriors of the deep... They respect courage and power, and they are merciless to their foes yet honourable with their allies. Their swift ships use galley slaves -- slaves strapped to their seats and must keep rowing lest more ticklish punishment be delivered upon them. They also practice tickle torture rituals to strengthen their own resolve and will. They also enjoy forcing it upon ‘soft’ captives, especially members of the Merchant Syndicate. They are led by glory-hungry Warrior Queen Cersy.

3. Make your own Captain! There will be unique interactions depending on your gender and chosen background (you can choose to be a member of any of the six factions). Naturally, if you are a member of the rambunctious and licentious Howling Circus, expect a different reception than if you were a member of the warlike Nordlings. Your chosen gender will also affect the number of /f and /m tickle scenes.

4. Pictures drawn by the tremendously talented Yorokiss! There will be six fully coloured images representing various scenes in the game, including the title screen.

5. An elaborate Captain’s Quarters to display your captives and replay your favourite scenes!

6. A wide variety of exotic locales, as you explore the haunted ruins the Cursed explorers delve into, the seedy underground town of the Howling Circus, which offers so many illicit services, and the snowswept cathedral of the judgmental Maiden’s Inquisition.

7. Shooting and slashing mechanics! No turn-based combat here, so expect a fast-paced gunning and swashbuckling adventure against ferocious foes!

8. Multiple endings depending on what sort of ruler you believe the Wild Seas needs...

Taste true blue freedom, take revenge on those who wronged you, and became a great pirate captain! 

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