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NOTE: This game contains adult themes that involve bondage, tickling, and sexual themes! It's not for everyone!

Tickle-lovers Brandon and Cissy decided to play a MMORPG based on the LoL Characters! 


What to expect in this game?

1. 46,000 words to tell the story of vanquishing the champions of League and tickling them with guile and skill!

2.  Do what you want, when you want! Really want to tickle Ahri? Miss Fortune? Sona? You can tickle any of the 18 Champions available in this episode in any order you like. As ever, the F/M scenes CAN be skipped if that’s your preference. There’s no tutorial, no starter missions, it’s just a quick introduction to the party members and then off you go!

3.  New Quest Log System! Keep track of who you haven't encountered and hints for where to find them!

New Picture (45)

New Picture (46)

New Picture (47)

4. Ready for a (fairly) faithful LoL tickle experience? There will be voicelines, images, and laughter from all the Champions. Each encounter with the various Champions will be quite faithful to the lore experience, so don’t expect to simply overpower each of them! You’ll need guile and a silver tongue to tickle some of them! Replay Centre in case you didn’t make a save right before a very sexy tickle scene! (Though given the non-linear nature of this episode, you could always simply make a new game and be right back at the tickle scene pretty quickly, fyi).


5. Tremendous amount of player agency – in every scene, you can expect choices of what you want to do. Which spot do you want to tickle? Who do you want to tickle? Mock, flirt, or banter? You’ll almost always have a say! Gaming is an interactive medium unlike reading, so I intend to take full advantage of that whenever I can 😊 Usual plethora of mini-games – lockpicking, rhythm-based fighting, and turn-based battles all make a re-appearance!

Episode 10 Chars

6. A Replay Centre, allowing you to enjoy all the scenes in the game at your leisure.

7. This game is part of my series 'The To-Tickle List', but it's a stand-alone game, so no prior knowledge is needed. 

This game is available directly on itch.io for those who might prefer to pay directly as well as on Patreon, where you can also download the other games in the series at a reduced price. https://www.patreon.com/oneortheother

You can find more information about the previous games here, including several that are available in their entirety for free:


Your support would mean a lot to me and help me continuing making passion projects like these games for you guys, so thanks for all your support <3


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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